Center for Research in Business Administration Adjunct ProfessorKwangmoon KIM

【Specialized Fields】
Transport & Regional Economy, Economic Statistics, International Development Planning & Management
Graduate school of Engineering, Nagoya University, 1998, Dr.Eng, Japan, worked for JSPS Manila Project, JBIC/JICA project, Visiting Research Fellow, Graduate school of Economy, Nagoya University, Danang economic university (visiting research fellow), Taught at Graduate school of engineering, Kyoto University. Fellow of Association of Regional Association of Regional Econometric and Environmental Studies (AREES)”
The supply and use tables: The approach for conversion to input-output table(共著), Advances in Management and Applied Economics, Vol.2, Issue 2, pp.83-90,2012
Research interest is context of capacity enhancement of development planning and management by utilizing quantitative analysis in developing countries. I am also interested in the impact analysis for evaluation of multilateral cross border policy under global economy in ASEAN countries. I hope to help students to develop such perspectives through my lectures and research fields.
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