Mizuho Securities Endowment (Corporate Finance & Capital Markets) Adjunct ProfessorTakeshi SHIBASAKI

【Specialized Fields】
Securities Market, Finance, Banking and Financial System
Frontier of Corporate Finance, Corporate Finance and Business Strategy, Firms and Industrial Organization in Japan
Graduated from the Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Economics, Received an MBA in Finance from the Hitotsubashi University Business School. Worked for Industrial Bank of Japan, IBJ Securities, Mizuho Research Institute and Mizuho Securities. Currently Deputy Head at the Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Office, Global Strategy Department, Mizuho Securities Co. Ltd.
Risk of Bond Investment under the Ultra-easy Monetary Policy, Chuokeizai-sha, 2014; Commentary on the New International Financial Regulation Standard as Basel III, 2nd edition, Chuokeizai-sha 2019 (joint author).
As a research analyst, I have been observing the dynamism of financial and capital markets and the changes in money flows for more than 20 years. Based upon my professional experience, I would like to talk about how these factors have been affecting the society as whole and the corporate activities. Then I will discuss with you about the future of financial industries and capital markets.