Integrated Port Logistics Chair Associate ProfessorKyoko OKAMURA

Project Operations Management Program

【Specialized Fields】
Port Logistics
Global Logistics and Maritime Transport / Trade
Graduated from Agricultural and Resource Economics (Tokyo Univ.). Entered the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), JICA, Civil Aviation Bureau, Kobe Osaka International Port Corporation, took the current position from FY2020.
Impact Evaluation of The East Japan Great Earthquake on The Production and Logistics Network in Japan, and Review of the Company BCPs, Papers of Research Meeting on Civil Engineering Planning No45,2012
The production and consumption of foods and goods that are essential to our daily lives are supported by Global Logistics. Especially ports have played an important role as the social infrastructure responsible for Global Logistics. We focus on how the changes in the world affect port logistics and study what the expected role of ports will be, considering the progress of ICT in ports in the future.