JOHNAN Chair in Research and Promotion of “Kyoto Manufacturing Valley” Assistant ProfessorSusumu TAKASE

【Specialized Fields】
Entrepreneurship, Academic Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior
Business Design
Graduated from the Kobe University Faculty of Engineering, and Kobe University Graduate School of Business Administration (PhD), Program-Specific Associate Professor at the Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Technology Management (Asia Innovation Center) before current position at Kyoto University.
The Study of expertise in Academic Entrepreneurship: A Life-history of Kazuo Taki, Chuoukeizai, 2017.
After startup of Japan Lacrosse Association, and Kobe University support company (kobe-u.com), I turned to the research world and engaged in entrepreneurship. In the near future, I would like to bridge theory and practice through action research, based on the logic of effectuation (entrepreneurial expertise).