International Mega Infrastructure Management Policy Chair (Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.) Adjunct Senior LecturerHajime WATANABE

【Specialized Fields】
International Infrastructure Development (Disaster Management, Water Resources Management)
Worked as a consultant in the sector of disaster management and water resources management since 2004 to present at Yachiyo Engineering. 2011 – 2014, worked as researcher in Infrastructure Development Institute – Japan. 2004, graduated from Graduate School of Saitama University. Professional Engineer, Japan (Civil Engineering).
Wind tunnel experiment on wind field and wind-blown sand generation characteristics around a transmission inclined model, Vol. 51 (2004), Proceedings of Coastal Engineering Report on field survey for Hurricane Sandy in the U.S. (as co-author), 2012, JSCE and DRR related societies Joint Team for investigation.
Japan has cultivated technologies for the development of advanced mega-infrastructure in the severe climate and geographical characteristics. In order to further develop those technologies and experiences in Japan and expand them internationally, it is necessary to know the localities and evolve them into technologies suitable for them. We will consider and implement a methodology for how to form concrete business opportunities and projects in the countries with a large demand for infrastructure development, with a focus on Asian countries.