Collaborative Research Chair for Asian Business Leader Development Adjunct ProfessorGautam RAY

【Specialized Fields】
Economic Growth and Development, Public Policy Analysis, Supply Chain Management
Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University
Professor (Retired), Kyoto University, Japan
Chief Commissioner (Retired), Ministry of Finance, Government of India
Served as World Bank Fellow, 1995-1997
Nominated as Fiscal Expert, IMF, 1993
Founded Asian Institute of Public Policy and Development Studies, Kolkata
Founded Global Business Alliance
Managing Asia Business Leader (ABL)project of GSM, Kyoto University as its Chair
Professor of International Project Management, Kyoto University
Ray Gautam, 2018: “Modeling Transportation in General Equilibrium” in K.Masushima and W.P. Anderson (eds.) Transportation, Knowledge and Space in Urban and regional Economics, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, USA: Edward Elgar , pp.47-71
Ray Gautam, 2018 : “ASEAN-India Comprehensive Partnership for Growth and Inclusive Development” in Kobayashi, Kiyoshi( et.al) Economic Integration and Regional Development: The ASEAN Economic Community London and New York: Routledge,pp.45-57
Business ecosystem across the world, not least in Asian countries, has been facing unprecedented challenges. These challenges started to manifest even before COVID19 shrunk major economies and markets. ABL researchers and their business entities in Asia can surely cope with these challenges through continual development of knowledge about changing development dynamics in China, SE Asia and India. We shall continue to help them in this task despite the financial constraints in post covid19 era.