Collaborative Research Chair for Securities Investment Adjunct ProfessorHidetaka KAWAKITA (Kyoto University Professor, Emeritus)

【Specialized Fields】
Securities Investment Theory, Securities Market Analysis, Financial Market Design
Excellent companies in Kyoto and investment, Practice and Law in Asset Management
Graduated from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Economics (PhD). Nippon Life Insurance Company Investment Division Director of Financial Affairs, Professor at Chuo University, Professor at Doshisha University, Professor at Kyoto University from 2006 to 2016.
Structural Changes in the Japanese Stock Markets, Toyo Keizai Shimpo, 1995; Substantial Analysis for Stocks and Bonds Investment, Chuokeizai-sha Inc., 2008; Securitization, Kinzai Institute For Financial Affairs Inc., 2012; Stock Investment to buy a "Company" not a "Market", Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs, 2013 ; Strategies of Managers who Represent Japan, Diamond, Inc., 2017.『Lecture on Business Administration in Kyoto UnivesityⅠ-Ⅳ』Diamond, Inc.,(2017~2020)
Actual achievements are required in securities investment. There are no correct answers to fulfill such achievements; rather, an understanding of theories/precedence and responses according to market/regulation circumstances is needed. Let us consider not only the theories regarding securities investment, but also the methods of how to practically use them.