Integrated Hospitality (Green House) Endowed Chairs Adjunct Professor Kazuya ISHIO

【Specialized Fields】
Service Innovation, Strategic Management
Service Innovation and Credo Management
Ph.D.(Economics,Kyoto Univ). MBA(Kyoto Univ),Graduated from Kyoto Univ Faculty of Letters,Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting Co. Principal.
“How to proceed with corporate reconstruction” (Toyo Keizai),“Secrets of ultra-high profit company” (PHP),“Improve profitability through service of housing makers”(Association of Urban Housing Sciences).
The weight of services in the Japanese economy is increasing. Responding to the need to upgrade management by service strategy, we will advance research and lecture aiming at nurturing human resources who can design and execute excellent service and innovation. Let's develop a new axis of service management.