SOCIETE GENERALE Endowed Lecture Adjunct ProfessorRaphael Cheminat

【Specialized Fields】
Banking and Finance, Strategic Management, International Management
Investment Bank : Basic to Business Practices
Since joining Societe Generale in 1998, Raphael has held several positions within the Group in Paris, New York, Bulgaria, and Hong Kong before being appointed in 2009 as Chief of Staff to the Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific. He was then appointed as Chief Country Officer for South Korea in 2012, and named as Group Country Head for Japan in 2016. Raphael holds an Engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire de Lille and a Master’s degree from ESSEC Business School, Paris.
We are delighted to provide this year again a series of lectures on investment banking through this great partnership with Kyoto University. We strongly believe the lectures are meaningful initiatives which shall provide a source of inspiration, not only for students to develop their talents but also for our own teams.