Urban/Regional Management Adjunct ProfessorMasayuki TAKADA

【Specialized Fields】
Port Policy, Industrial Competitiveness
Global logistics and maritime transport
Finished Master of Engineering, Graduate School of Osaka University.
Entered the Ministry of Transport (currently MLIT), and served as the Director of the Industrial Port Policy Division, Deputy Director-General, Kanto Regional Development Bureau, Director-General, Tohoku Regional Development Bureau, Director-General, Ports and Harbours Bureau, and currently Deputy Minister for Technical Affairs, Minister's Secretariat.
The sequel to policy-making process in central government ministries and agencies, 2002
Vitality of ports makes Vitality of Japan, 2014
Japan is surrounded by sea, 99.6% amounts of trades in Japan use maritime transports and use the ports. For prosperity of Japanese citizen’s life and industry, it is necessary to realize more efficient logistics with sophisticated port operation and improve international competitiveness. It is inevitable to balance between port facility construction response to upsizing ships and upgrading of logistics, and hearing voices of port users. Let’s discuss both current and future port policy toward industrial competitiveness through review of the history of Port Policy in Japan.