Project Operations Management Program: M2 2020-

The Reason Why You Chose GSM


Before I entered GSM, I worked in the overseas sales department of an automobile manufacturer. I was in charge of several projects, like setting up new dealers and establishing the logistic network. While working, I’ve been wondering about the way how decisions were made for the projects and started to feel that I wanted to improve my project management skill more. That’s why I’ve decided to take MBA, which I’ve been interested in since before.
There are mainly two reasons why I selected MBA at GSM. First, GSM has a course for project management, Project Operations Management Program, which fits with what I’m looking for MBA. Second, it guaranteed that I could take the lecture provided by top-notch teachers who represent Japan.

What is the attractiveness of GSM?

GSM has both types of teachers who have an academic background and a professional background. While taking the lectures of academic background teachers, we can understand the subject universally and systematically, while at the same time being taught practical know-how from professional background teachers. I think this is one of the attractiveness of studying at GSM, having an opportunity to learn from different perspectives.
I also like the diversity of GSM students. The students also come from a variety of nationalities, ages, and work backgrounds. It is unusual for me to have a discussion with different ages without any hierarchical relationship. I feel grateful for having a deep discussion with teammates about a wide range of topics because it is a vulnerable experience, I cannot expect from working life.

The Visions of Your Future

I would like to contribute to improve the presence of Japan while working in global environment. Although many people are feeling the stagnant of Japanese economic due to population decrease and extreme aging society, I believe Japan still have many strengths, such as the number of long-established companies and the level of hospitality. By utilizing the knowledge, I learned at GSM, like project management, finance, data analytics, I would like to challenge the job which will encourage Japanese company to transform along with business environment change and support them to keep their presence in the world.

Your Recommended Subjects

Finance, Strategy, and Value Creation of Corporation (Prof. Sato)
Development of energy business (Prof. Nakayama)
Hospitality business management (Prof. Kikuchi)

Schedule of Your Day

09:00-10:00 Commuting to School (by train)
10:30-12:00 2nd class lecture
12:00-13:15 Lunch Break
13:15-15:00 3rd class lecture
15:00-16:00 Back home (By train)
16:00-20:00 Housework, Relaxing
20:00-23:00 Self-study, Group work

Schedule of Your Week

Mon: 3rd and 4th class lectures (Biweekly)
Tue: 2nd and 3rd class lectures
Wed: 2nd class lecture, Internship at a startup company
Thu and Fri: Self-study
Sat: 2nd and 3rd class lectures
Sun: Day off

Message for Applicants


It was a big decision for me to have a career break for two years and be an MBA student at GSM. However, I’m sure I’m having many valuable experiences which I didn’t expect before I enrolled on the school, having a lively discussion through many group-works, joining a business contest with classmates, doing an internship at a drone startup company, and studying in Singapore as an exchange student. Kyoto University and GSM are places which have numerous expertise, information, and opportunity. Please use your two years wisely and prepare for your next career journey!