Finance (Money Design) Chair

April 2016 - March 2019

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Money Design Co., Ltd.



While the aging of the Japanese economy is causing a decline in economic growth, Japan is ranked No.2 in the world for personal financial assets. And the effective use of these assets is an urgent topic of the Japanese economy. For this reason, the Finance (Money Design) Chair aims to contribute to the improvement of profitability and international competitiveness of the Japanese economy by researching the latest technology of asset management.

In order to utilize the knowledge of asset management/finance theory in education, an educational structure consisting of supervising faculty has been created for Graduate School of Management and Graduate School of Economics students, in addition to other undergraduate/graduate students who have interest in the field. In other words, faculty who have been deeply involved in the actual work of asset management/finance will provide a balanced educational system that will not only include sharing their knowledge to students, but will also include providing students with methods to organize the practical knowledge.

In addition to establishing the cooperation of related external organizations, different project themes will be conducted every year. The knowledge obtained from research and education will be shared to society through public symposiums, etc.



Advanced asset management methods 
Fintech(Finance technology)


【CLASSES [2018 Academic Year]】

[Class Name] Finance 
[Faculty in Charge] Yasuyuki Kato 
[Schedule] April 10- July 24, 2018

[Class Name] Introduction to Financial Engineering and its Application
[Faculty in Charge] Yasuyuki Kato 
[Schedule] October 3, 2018 - January 23, 2019

[Class Name] Securitization 
[Faculty in Charge] Masahiko TAKAHASHI 
[Schedule] September, 2018


●Yasuyuki KATO (Professor)
●Hidetaka KAWAKITA (Adjunct Professor)
●Masahiko TAKAHASHI (Adjunct Professor)
●Jason HSU (Adjunct Professor)


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Left: Lecture by Prof.Robert Merton(Nobel Laureate),
Right: Panel Discussion(CIO of GPIF Mr.Mizuno, Prof.Kato, Prof.Merton)

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