Collaborative Graduate Program in Design

The global society is seeking solutions for complex problems such as global warming, disasters, energy, food, and population.

In this leading program, we develop specialists capable of designing social systems and architectures in collaboration with experts from various fields. Studying“ design” as a common language between different fields, we develop experts who are capable of changing our society.

We call such experts“ + shaped people,” meaning outstanding experts who can collaborate with others beyond the boundaries of expertise, in contrast to“ T shaped people,” meaning generalists with broad general knowledge. Cultivation of such“+ shaped” human resource is the goal of this program.

In order to develop such talent, our graduate program is organized by the collaboration among five specialized disciplines: informatics, mechanical engineering, architecture, management, and psychology.



October 1, 2012 ‒ March 31, 2019



1. Establishment of Design Methodology

In order to address the complex challenges that human society faces, we will combine cultivated knowledge in design studies such as mechanical engineering, architecture, informatics, and system science. The management discipline, which has its own design studies including organization design, entrepreneurship and service design, is central to design social systems and architecture. Through this, we hope to establish a new design methodology that will help pinpoint and solve problems from the perspective of society.


2. Establishment of Design Education

We will recapture design not only from the activities that focus on products and services, but also for multifaceted human activities in organizations, communities, society and culture. With this in mind, we hope to establish a practical educational program that utilizes the resources of practicing professionals, where design takes place through the cooperation of multiple disciplines such as informatics, engineering, management, psychology and fine arts.



Graduate School of Engineering,
Graduate School of Informatics,
Graduate School of Education,
Graduate School of Management

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As one of the central departments in the design school, the Graduate School of Management is contributing to the field’s establishment.

Extending our service research program, we are now undertaking“ service design,” which has seen an upsurge in recent years. We have collaborated with MOS Food Services, Inc. in the area of design of fast food services and with Kyoto City University of Arts Faculty of Fine Arts in the area of hospital design, an important service for society.

Furthermore, toward the goal of designing social systems and architecture, we are developing "organizational/community design theory." In addition, we are also undertaking“ business design theory,” which involves the creative design of new businesses.

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