The Education Unit of the Investment Study

April 1, 2016


The politically determined interest rate in both Japan and Europe has decreased; a trend that has been ongoing in America’s recent past. In this environment, stock investment or other alternative investments has attracted the attention of many investors. However, there is no evidence to suggest that these investments would be profitable. For instance, by analyzing stock investment, results show that a large difference is created not by the enterprise invested in, but by the investment performance itself. Even in Japan, once a global economic environment becomes weak, the difference among an individual company’s managing skills would reflect the difference between corporate results and stock value. This is the naturally expected result.

The educational study unit for investment, up to now, has been run by using the funds donated by the Norinchukin Bank, the Japan Investment Advisers Association, and the Investment Trust Association. What is an investment from its original meaning? How does investment contribute to the effective usage of capital as a social resource? The unit was founded to solve these problems and the results should be beneficial not only to the students of Kyoto University, but also to its citizens. The unit is also an outcome from the desire to make Kyoto University become,“ the focal point as a realistic research space for stock investment”.

Although the educational unit of stock investment is relatively new, having formed in 2016, the initial concept of creating it as“ the focal point for the research of stock investment along with actual business trends” was first conceived in 2013. These results are highlighted in the following four published books (written in Japanese).



●Hidetaka KAWAKITA (Adjunct Professor)
●Yasuyuki KATO (Professor)
●Nobuyuki ISAGAWA (Professor)


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