National Land Management


Sharing knowledge and collaborating with businesspeople, engineers and researchers (industrial/ governmental/academic) related to national land management and cultivating the human resources that will support this field.


Social Capital for Regional Management

(Offered from the 2008 Academic Year, Second Semester)


Construction Management Workshop

Discussing various issues regarding the improvement, operation and maintenance of infrastructures for their optimum management.



2005- International Training Course (Vietnam)

2005- International Asset Management Seminar (Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh, Seoul, Hanoi)

2005- International Conference on Multinational Joint Venture Contracting for Construction Works (Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok, Hanoi, Daejeon, Bandung, Samarkand, Tokyo,Kyoto)

2009 February- International seminar on Asset Management Implementation in Asian Countries (Kuala Lumpur, Soul, Hanoi, Palau)

2010 May- International Symposium on Asset Management System (Hanoi, Kyoto, Tokyo)



●Masafumi MORI (Adjunct Professor)
●Toyohito IKEDA (Adjunct Professor)
●Hirokazu TSUKAHARA (Adjunct Professor)
●Katsumi SEKI (Adjunct Professor)

2016national e1

2016national e2
Discussion with the Vietnamese Government

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