Management Accounting Endowment Research Center (Japan Institute of Management Accounting Professionals)

April 2018 - March 2020

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Japan Institute of Management Accounting Professionals



Sustainable development depends on managers' capability to make decisions appropriately and share values with employees, and consequently create social wealth. Management accounting contributes to the realization of corporate mission by supporting managers' decision-making.

However, most small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Japan do not implement management accounting enough, and the number of firms that have high capability to implement management accounting is also limited. The reasons are attributed to the fact that management accountants have not been established as a professional, and the importance of management accounting is not sufficiently recognized in Japan.

Then, in this center, we conduct some research projects about management accounting and control systems and develop education programs for management accountants who supports managers.



Associating with the research projects in this center, we offer some lectures and seminars by the faculty members or practitioners.



Kyoto Management Accounting Research Seminar



Norio SAWABE (Professor)
Shigeru YOSHINAGA (Adjunct Professor)
Okihiro MARUTA (Adjunct Professor)
Takehiko NAGUMO (Adjunct Professor)
Yuichi ICHIHARA (Assistant Professor)

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