Center for Research in Business Administration

In order to clarify complex business phenomena and address various management issues, the convergence of specialized knowledge in various fields including economics, management, engineering, and informatics is needed.

The Center for Research in Business Administration, through utilizing our close alliance with both private and public institutions, addresses practical issues, and through them promotes research to solve these issues in management and the utilization of this university's strength as an integration of humanities and science. Based on the results from this research, we also contribute to developing new educational programs at the Graduate School of Management.

K.A.FILES (Kyoto Academic Files of Management): Research RESULTS

K.A. Files is a web based system that aims to share the accomplishments of the students and faculty at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Management, and is accessible to anyone in the world.
Academic Assets such as reports of surveys and research activities are being accumulated, and it is currently possible to view approximately 50 files.