International MBA Program (i-MBA)

The International Program of Graduate School of Management (i-MBA) is a program offered only in English. It is a program that leads to a general management degree while helping students develop their vision and the skills to achieve their ambitions. Students get the business knowledge and specialized skills to expand their career choices.
This program provides wide area of expertise in business leadership, service & hospitality management, as well as finance and accounting. It offers an educational curriculum in which students can learn how businesses can thrive while also contribute to sustainable development.

Admission Policy for the Professional Degree Program

The Graduate School of Management (GSM) aims at educating advanced professionals who can provide leadership in a wide range of fields. The admission policy establishes required experience, knowledge, learning skills and mindset for candidates who wish to study at GSM. This policy also describes evaluation criteria used in the admission process.
In our professional program, we have developed lectures and courses that bridge theory and practice based on our curriculum policy. We. accept candidates of high caliber from a wide range of diverse backgrounds under this policy, such as undergraduate students from various disciplines, those with extensive work experience, and international students. Candidates are expected to have basic knowledge in management science and sound intellectual curiosity. In order to accept diverse students, GSM employs a variety of selection processes including those specifically designed for candidates with professional working experience and for English programs. We determine successful applicants based on the overall results of written examinations, essays, interviews, academic and work records, and other relevant information. We specify details of evaluation on the admission guidelines. During evaluation, we give equal consideration to applicants from our university and from other universities. We do not discriminate against any applicant to this course for any reasons such as race, religion, gender, age, nationality, political ideology, or physical disability.

Our mission and policies expect that eligible candidates possess the following characteristics.

(1) Individuals who have a strong will to work on the complex issues that current management is facing with theoretically, practically, and ethically.
(2) Individuals who work hard and encourage each other in the classes of GSM. They should possess intellectual curiosity and social role consciousness.
(3) Individuals who have basic knowledge in management science and broad knowledge in general and are able to apply knowledge and skills in reality.

Enrollment Capacity

20 students

Note: The above number may be changed based on the quality of the applicant pool. All details regarding the admission guidelines and required documentation are written in the Admission Guidelines documents, which one included in the application packet.


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