Tourism and Hospitality Management Course


Tourism and Hospitality Management Course will not have the admission to be held in AY2024 and onwards for students to enroll from AY2025 and onwards. For more details, see this post.

About the Tourism and Hospitality Management Course (lectures given in Japanese only)

The Kyoto University Graduate School of Management MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management Course supports students in learning about management techniques, marketing, and innovation for tourist attractions and the tourist industry, which are attractive to management in Kyoto, one of the world's leading tourist cities.
We hope that people involved in tourism-related industrial management and local administration, as well as those intending to start businesses in these fields, will further their studies of basic management concepts and conduct on-site research on new tourist areas and business management methods from the perspective of the international integration of the sciences and the humanities.
In this program, we will foster students’ managerial capacity to revitalize tourist regions and industries and promote Japan as a tourism-oriented nation.

  • The standard length of the course is two years, and 42 credits are required for completion.
  • Students are admitted in April.
  • A maximum of 24 credits may be taken each semester. (The maximum for the year is 48 credits.)
  • To proceed to the second year, students must earn at least 16 credits in Basic and Specialized subjects (including four basic subjects worth eight or more credits).
  • For Basic Subjects, an achievement test will be administered during the second semester in addition to the regular test. Those who do not earn credits after registering for a course will be recognized as earning the credits after passing a supplementary exam.
  • A master's thesis is not required for program completion.
  • Students admitted after completing the requirements to proceed to the second year may shorten the period in which they complete the course to one year by enrolling as single-subject students or using the special accelerated completion system (+MBA), etc.
  • The entrance examinations for this course assess students’ practical experience within or outside of the tourism sector that could be useful when a given student moves into the tourism sector in the future.
  • Unlike other programs, this program is not subject to the long-term study system due to the circumstances around its offering.
  • After enrolling in this program, students cannot change to another program.

Points system
It is necessary for students to acquire at least 20 points, in accordance with participation in special lectures, study abroad, internships, etc., or achievements resulting from presentations at academic conferences and workshops, as a prerequisite to acquiring the credits from Workshop II.

Completion requirements for the Tourism and Hospitality Management Course

The standard course length is two years, and 42 units are required for completion.
The breakdown of the course of study required for completion is as follows.

Basic Subjects
12 or more credits (but 10 or more credits must be acquired from course-designated subjects)
Specialized Subjects
18 or more credits (but 6 or more credits must be acquired from course-designated subjects)
Business Practice Subjects
8 or more credits (but 4 or more credits must be acquired from course-designated subjects)
*Internships are offered as a "Business Practice Subject."
Advanced Subjects
Two subjects for 4 or more credits (but course-designated Workshops I and II must be taken with the same teacher)
*Students may enroll in a maximum of two workshops.

In addition, at least four out of the 10 or more credits for subjects designated for Specialized and Business Practice Subjects must be conducted in English.