International MBA Programs


Two International Programs are established to provide the education in English.
We hope to respond to the expectations of motivated students from various countries through the meticulous, yet demanding educational system

i-BA Program (2019~)
The International Business Administration Program is a course of study that leads to a general management degree while helping you develop your vision and the skills to achieve it. Students get the business knowledge and specialized skills to expand career choices.
This program provides wide area of expertise such as business leadership, service & hospitality management, finance and accounting.
i-PM Program (2019~, IPROMAC till 2018)
The International Project Management Program offers a comprehensive and thorough program that focuses on the projects of temporal cooperation between organizations established in order to achieve a certain goal in projects such as large-scale international projects, development of new technologies, and development of information systems. Examples include the development and maintenance of infrastructure and enhanced efficiencies of manufacturing operation processes. This international program aims at cultivating global-minded project managers with diverse management capabilities.

Academic Supervisors

Supervisors provide students with guidance in taking courses and assist in overall studies to help provide a meticulous educational system. With support from their supervisors, students will be able to concentrate on their study conditions, purpose, and future careers. Through practical advice in course completion and planning, supervisors will support students so that they can fulfill their commitments.

Subject Organization to Realize Step-by-step Course Completion

The Graduate School of Management provides a variety of subjects in order for students to acquire specialized knowledge in scientific theories and practical problem-solving abilities. Students will mainly take basic subjects in the first semester of the first year, and then take specialized subjects from the second semester of the first year to the first semester of the second year. From the first semester of the second year, students will take practical business and advanced subjects so that they can systematically complete the course.

Program Completion Requirements

The following are the course completion requirements:

  • Two years to complete the course with a requirement of 42 credits.
  • The following credits listed below are required to complete the course.
8 subjects or more (minimum of 16 credits), which include the subjects specified by the course
7 subjects or more (minimun of 14 credits)
(of which 10 or more credits must be from subjects specified by the course)
Business Practice
4 subjects or more (minimun of 8 credits)
(of which 6 or more credits must be from subjects specified by the course)
Minimum 4 credits in 2 subjects (Workshop I・II)
  • The maximum number of subjects that can be taken in each semester is nine subjects, or 18 credits (the annual maximum is 36 credits).
  • Submitting a master's thesis is not required for degree completion.
  • The degree given will be the Master of Business Administration (MBA).