Program Outline

The International Master of Business Administration (i-MBA) Program is a two-year postgraduate program that will be launched in 2025. This program provides a wide range of English courses in business leadership, service and hospitality management, finance, and accounting. In this program, students acquire business knowledge and specialized skills to expand their career choices. The i-MBA program confers an MBA degree, during which students develop their vision and nurture their skills to achieve that vision.
The i-MBA program was inaugurated to respond to the increasing demands of aspiring students from various countries who would like to study management in a high-caliber Japanese educational system. The Graduate School of Management of Kyoto University (GSM) first offered an English-only MBA program in 2011, focusing on international project management. In 2019, the International Business Administration program (i-BA) was launched to expand the study options to students. Starting in 2025, the i-MBA program will be launched to replace the i-BA program. Our new i-MBA program offers students a broader educational opportunity.


The GSM offers curricula that focus on improving students’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills, deepening students’ understanding and sense of responsibility regarding the importance of business and teaching the social aspects of business. The aim of the program is therefore to provide:

  • A comprehensive English program that caters to the requirements of both international and Japanese students.
  • A variety of core, specialized, and practical courses tailored to students’ interests and career goals.
  • A comprehensive program that explores theoretical and empirical concepts in business and management.
  • Up-to-date content to educate global leaders with high ethical standards.

The Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) of the i-MBA program are:

  1. Develop an understanding of fundamental theories and concepts of business and management
  2. Apply theories and concepts to practical settings and diverse contexts
  3. Demonstrate a global mindset
  4. Demonstrate critical inquiry and creativity
  5. Work effectively among international teams
  6. Improve decision-making skills
  7. Analyze data to support decision-making
  8. Communicate and discuss effectively in oral and written form
  9. Realize social, environmental, and governance-related issues in business
  10. Take responsibility and behave ethically

The Graduate School of Management offers a wide range of subjects to help students acquire specialized knowledge of theories and improve their practical problem-solving skills in the two-year program. During the first year (M1), students take mainly foundation subjects in the first semester and then specialized subjects from the second semester onwards until the first semester of their second year (M2). Starting M2, students take both practical and specialization subjects to complete the program systematically.

As a general rule, enrolled students will take two years to complete the program, which requires 42 credits based on the following terms*:

  • Basic: Eight subjects or more (a minimum of 16 credits),
  • Specialized: Seven subjects or more (a minimum of 14 credits, of which 10 or more credits must be from subjects specified by the program).
  • Business Practice: Four subjects or more (a minimum of 8 credits, of which 6 or more credits must be from subjects specified by the program.
  • Advanced: A minimum of 4 credits in two subjects (Workshop I and II)

*Appendix 1 displays how the component courses lead to the attainment of the program ILOs.

Program Innovation

The i-MBA program includes five important innovative features.

  • Unique and wide range of courses

    1. Unique and wide range of courses

    The i-MBA program offers students unique courses in service and hospitality (a forte of Kyoto University GSM) and Japanese business and management. Some of our popular courses are Hospitality Consulting, AI and Hospitality, and Japanese Business and Management.

  • Linking Practice and Theory

    2. Linking Practice and Theory

    Our curricula promote a strong link between practice and business theory. The GSM has established strong ties with Japanese companies of different scales. In particular, many courses feature top executives from Japanese and international companies as lecturers or guest speakers. For example, we invite industry experts from renowned businesses such as Boston Consulting Group and Mizuho Securities.

  • Supervisor System

    3. Supervisor System

    We offer personal support for students and individualized research projects. Upon enrollment, students are assigned supervisors who advise them on course selection and other forms of support during their studies. Both supervisor and student work together towards the successful completion of the program and help students stay focused on their goals.

  • Extracurricular Activities, Events, and Internships

    4. Extracurricular Activities, Events, and Internships

    Students benefit from our well-crafted points system. The system requires students to collect 20 points over two years by attending extracurricular events such as seminars, internships, and workshops. We regularly invite international scholars to share their latest research so that students can benefit from the latest business research findings in addition to the regular courses.

  • International Network

    5. International Network

    We offer students many opportunities to broaden their international networks. In particular, the students can benefit from international exchange agreements we established with partner schools worldwide. Further, we also offer the opportunity for i-MBA to receive double degrees from two partner universities: National Taiwan University (Taiwan) and the University of Hamburg (Germany).。

Message from Faculty Members

  •  Asli M. COLPAN, Program Head

    Prof. Asli M. COLPAN,
    Program Head

    (Leadership Development)

    Our program will help you to develop your leadership skills through a mix of theoretical and practical classes as well as extracurricular activities. You will be able to capitalize on the opportunities provided by the GSM and Kyoto University, and leave our School with broader leadership insights and global perspectives.

  • Ting LIU

    Prof. Ting LIU

    (Global Perspective and Diversity)

    Diversity is a journey, not just an outcome. Join us in experiencing an ever-evolving, inclusive community that enriches your learning and broadens your horizons. Engage with global perspectives, foster cross-cultural understanding, and grow together. Embrace the journey with us!

  • Naoki Walabayashi

    Prof. Naoki WAKABAYASHI

    (Career Development and Networks)

    Our graduates obtain jobs and take great leadership in financial, consulting and manufacturing companies in Japan or their home countries. Through our alumni organization for the faculty with more than 1000 people, we are expanding great international alumni networks with two big networking events every year.

  • I-Chieh Michelle YANG

    Prof. I-Chieh Michelle YANG

    (Sustainability and Responsibility)

    Our program is dedicated to training and developing a new generation of business leaders who prioritize sustainability and responsibility. We emphasize these core values, ensuring that our students are well-equipped to think and act with a futuristic and responsible mindset. We aim to instill a deep understanding of sustainable practices in different aspects of business, preparing our graduates to drive positive change in their organizations and communities.

  • Yutaka YAMAUCHI

    Prof. Yutaka YAMAUCHI

    (Innovation, Entrepreneurship)

    Since the inauguration of Design School in 2012 and through the recent launch of Kyoto Creative Assemblage, GSM has developed various research and education programs on design, art, and culture. This activity further expanded into craft, tradition and sustainability. Based on humanities, we explore aesthetic approaches to innovation and politics.

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i-BA Program (2019~2024)

The International Business Administration Program is a course of study that leads to a general management degree while helping you develop your vision and the skills to achieve it. Students get the business knowledge and specialized skills to expand career choices.
This program provides wide area of expertise such as business leadership, service & hospitality management, finance and accounting.