MBA/ Professional Degree Course

GSM plans to apply a new programme, which is a development and restructuring of the current programme, from the AY2025 intake. Outline of the new programme will be published on this website as soon as they have been finalised.

Practical Education Linking Theory and Business

Practical Education Linking Theory and Business

The aim is to learn theoretical methods of business administration, which can be applied to solve real problems in companies, public agencies, and NPOs. Our students come from diverse backgrounds, including those who continue to work in the field, those who are transitioning into this field, and international students.

Program Structure *in English

MBA/ Professional Degree Course

1.International Business Administration Program

Fostering international business leaders

This program welcoming students from all over the world and offers MBA coursework in English to become business leaders.

2.International Project Management Program

Fostering international project managers

This English language program provides the knowledge and skills to become managers of projects, including international megaprojects.

3.Kyoto-Cornell International Collaborative Degree Opportunity

Global professionals in management and hospitality

This course offers a curriculum in management and hospitality for one year each at Kyoto University and Cornell University. Upon completion, students will be awarded master’s degrees from both universities.

Program Structure *in Japanese

MBA/ Professional Degree Course

1.Business Leadership Program

Achievement of strategic advantage

The goal is to unite theory and practice as a means to achieve a strategic advantage by establishing strong leadership amid ever intensifying global competition.

2.Service & Hospitality Program

Innovating in service society

Value in present society lies largely in services. We produce professionals who can design and manage innovative services and co-create unique value in society.

3.Project Operations Management Program

Fostering of project managers with balanced skills

We nurture project managers with an international focus and balanced management skills who will work on large-scale international projects, new technologies, and information system development.

4.Finance & Accounting Program

Development of interdisciplinary professional skills

We foster professionals who have high expertise in both finance and accounting, such as CPAs with sophisticated financial knowledge, and fund managers with excellent accounting expertise.

5.Finance & Accounting Program

Development of interdisciplinary professional skills (for qualified individuals only)

This course is designed to be completed in 1.5 years for those who already work as qualified finance and accounting professionals.

6.Tourism and Hospitality Management Course

Development of Destination Management Capabilities

We foster professionals who will contribute to destination management, based on professional knowledge of tourism science.