Site Policy

Site Policy

The website of Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University (“the Website” hereinafter) is operated by Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University (“GSM” hereinafter). Before using the Website, please read and consent to the following usage conditions.


The Website refers to the following webpages and other materials located at the domain,

  • the webpage ( in both Japanese and English, webpages and contents in the tree structure of the webpage, excluding the webpage of GSM Center for Research in Business Administration ( (“the Webpage” hereinafter)
  • the webpage of Center for Research in Business Administration. (“CRBA webpage” hereinafter) (
  • the webpages and their contents of the endowed chairs and lectures provided at GSM. (“endowed chairs’ webpages” hereinafter)
  • the individual webpages and their contents of GSM faculty members (“faculties’ webpages” hereinafter)


The Webpage shall be under the management of the GSM Public Relations committee (“PR committee” hereinafter). The CRBA webpage shall be under the management of CRBA. The endowed chairs’ webpages shall be under the management of the relevant endowed chairs. The faculties’ webpages shall be under the management of individual faculty members.

Acceptable and unacceptable materials

The materials published on the Website shall be limited to those related to GSM’s education, research, and public service activities, and shall exclude those that are offensive to the public order and morals, and/or are of a commercial, political, or religious nature.

Recommendations for improvement

In the event that the PR committee deems an article published on the Website inappropriate based on the above criteria, it may advise the party responsible for the material or for the publication thereof to make necessary corrections. This also applies to links to webpages that are deemed offensive to the public order and moral.


All contents on the Website, including documents, images, and any other data, are the exclusive property of GSM or a third party holds copyrights to the contents. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, secondary use of any of the contents of the Website including but not limited to reproduction, copying, or selling of said contents is strictly prohibited.

Contents published on the Website may be quoted within the scope provided in Article 32 of the Japan Copyright Act1), and must be attributed by citing the name and URL of the Website as follows:

Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University (


It is not necessary to obtain permission to create links to the main webpage or other pages of the Website. However, if a restriction on linking to a certain webpage, the restriction shall prevail. Please note that URL addresses for contents on the Website may change without notice.


GSM has taken appropriate steps to confirm the authenticity of contents on the Website. GSM accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any difficulty, damage or loss that may arise directly or indirectly from use of the site contents. GSM shall not be responsible for any information and/or services provided by the external websites linked to the Website.

This is an English translation of “Site Policy” written in Japanese. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these two texts, the Japanese text shall prevail.