Characteristics of the Ph.D. Curriculum

Composition of subjects in the doctoral degree program

Doctoral students enroll in basic doctoral subjects, specialized doctoral subjects, the Management Science Research Practicum, and the Special Management Science Exercise.

Basic doctoral subjects These subjects are essential for each research area and are taken in the first year.
Specialized doctoral subjects These are offered to enable students to acquire knowledge of the sophisticated theoretical system related to each field and are taken during the first and second years.

A total of eight credits must be earned in basic and specialized doctoral subjects

Management Science Research Practicum Students analyze business models and create business case teaching materials through case study research.
Students must take this subject in the first and second years and earn a total of four credits.
Special Management Science Exercise Research guidance provided by advisors; requires the acquisition of credits for I–VI (a total of 12 credits) each semester during the first, second, and third years.

To advance to the subsequent year of study, students must pass a "preliminary review," which is an assessment of their academic ability to prepare their doctoral thesis, at the end of the first year and a "qualification review," which is the actual preparation of their doctoral thesis, at the end of the second year.

In this doctoral degree program, research guidance is provided by several teachers, who form research advisory and professional area guidance teams.

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Management Science will be awarded to students who are enrolled for three or more years, who have acquired a total of 24 or more credits, and who have passed their doctoral thesis review.

In addition, given our expectation that this program will attract students with diverse backgrounds, students who are deemed as lacking sufficient basic academic abilities related to management science shall be obliged to enroll in basic academic ability achievement subjects in management science (Graduate School of Management basic subjects: MBA basic subjects) and in so doing, shall confirm their achievements regarding their knowledge and abilities.
No credits may be earned for these courses.