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Management Seminar: Gender, An Uphill Battle: Employer Learning, and the Persistence of Occupational Gender Segregation

Date:Mar 2, 2023 13:30 〜 15:00

Place:Hybrid Meeting

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【Brief Overview】
Ming D. Leung(Associate Professor, University of California – Irvine)

About the speaker:
Ming D. Leung is Associate Professor in Organization & Management at University of California – Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business. He studies careers, hiring, and labor markets, and in particular, issues pertaining to diversity and discrimination in the workforce. His empirical emphasis is in innovative, contemporary platform markets (such as virtual freelancing, mobile gig-economy work, and crowdfunding) which provide granular data requiring sophisticated analytical tools. He is particularly interested in understanding the role of technology in reshaping how organizations hire and promote. His research is characterized by the use of cognitive theories and categorization processes to explain hiring and promotion outcomes.

Extant work recognizes that gender biases in hiring contribute to occupational gender segregation. However, little attention has been paid to the ways that employers’ experiences with women and men workers may contribute to or undermine these biases. The authors propose that employers update their preferences for gender typical workers based on their experiences with workers. We test for evidence of employer updating drawing on rare access to longitudinal hiring data from an online labor marketplace. Results of linear probability regressions demonstrate that employers more strongly favor women as they accumulate more experiences with women workers, and they more strongly favor men as they accumulate more experiences with men workers. A simulation of employer hiring decisions over time elucidates implications of gendered employer learning for occupational gender segregation. Employer updating leads to a persistence of gender segregation in highly gender segregated occupations but leads to gender integration when employers have more frequent experiences with gender atypical workers, such as in more moderately segregated occupations. This paper therefore highlights the link between micro-level gendered employer updating and the persistence of macro-level occupational gender segregation.

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Students of GSM


Hybrid (in-person/on-line) : Case Study Seminar Room, Research Bldg No.2, 3F, Yoshida Campus, Kyoto University and Online (Zoom)

【Leading Person】
Professor Tomoki Sekiguchi
Associate Professor Wang Tao, Graduate School of Economics

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Professor Tomoki Sekiguchi, Graduate School of Management
Associate Professor Wang Tao, Graduate School of Economics