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Special Lecture on ”Business Modeling and Design” by Prof. Dimitris Karagiannis, University of Vienna

Date:Mar 7, 2024 10:30 〜 12:00

Place:Research Bldg No.2 3rd floor Case Study Seminar Room

【Event Number】

・This event is subject to the point system.
*If you wish to receive points, please send a 600-word report by noon on Thursday, March 14, 2024 to the following Samy’s email.
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【Brief Overview】
Professor Dr. Dimitris Karagiannis’s visit to Kyoto University is scheduled for March 7, 2024. He is head of the Research Group Knowledge Engineering at the University of Vienna. Lecturers Dr. Wilfrid Utz and Iulia Vaidian will also join. They will give us an overview of business modeling and design being conducted at the University of Vienna, demonstrating their tools.
This special seminar will be face-to-face, so it is a great chance to meet if you are available then.

【Eligible Person】
Current and former students, faculty and staff of the Kyoto University

“Case Study Seminar Room”, 3rd floor, Research Bldg No.2

【Leading Person】
Professor Yoshinori HARA
Professor William Baber

【Admission fee】

If you would like to participate in this seminar, Please apply in advance using the application form below by Friday, March 1, 2024.

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Please note that students who have taken “Business Modeling and Design” this semester are highly encouraged to attend and are also eligible to earn points.