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2019.12.24 Flooding Mechanisms and Countermeasures / 水害の発生機構とその対策

Date:December 24, 2019 Tuesday 15:00 〜 16:00

【イベント番号/Event Number】

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  Receving a points certification on the day.
  (Advanced notice is required for the event.)


【概要/Brief Overview】
Dr. ZHANG Hao is Associate Professor, Kochi University, and very active researcher on flood disaster.
Flooding following extreme weathers and heavy rainstorms is one of the most challenging problems in the world. With the rapid development of our society and significant changes of global/local climates, the problem becomes more and more critical nowadays.
This lecture is intended to provide fundamental knowledge for students/researchers with non-engineering background, on the mechanisms and countermeasures of flooding in terms both fluvial flooding and pluvial flooding.

【日時/Date and time】
 December 24, 2019, 15:00 – 16:00

【対象/Eligible Person】
 All GSM proferssors and students


 総合研究2号館 B1F 大演習室 3
Research Bldg No.2 1st Basement, Large Seminar Room 3

【担当教員/Leading Person】
 教授 戸田 圭一
 Professor Keiichi Toda

【参加費/Admission fee】

 参加希望者は、下記メールアドレス(戸田教授 宛)へ申し込んでください。
 Please inform the following E-mail address(to Associate Professor Keiichi Toda)  if you would like to participate in the event.

E-mail: toda.keiichi.4z*
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