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December 3, 2021 Special lecture “The Change of Global Hospitality Industry” by Mr. Teddy Zhang, Global Managing Director at Thayer International Group

Date:Dec 3, 2021 15:00 〜 16:30


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The industry has evolved over time as changes in technology, consumer behavior, climates, and geopolitical concerns have impacted hospitality service, branding, operations and distributions.
With this special lecture, students will be able to get some tips to prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Mr. Zhang is Global Managing Director at Thayer International Group, one of the premier private equity firms specializing in lodging investment in the US.
In 2005, he founded HBS1, a venture capital-funded Internet company led by Thayer International that provides the next generation of web-based hotel distribution infrastructure to connect Chinese hotels with online and offline travel agents around the world. HBS1 was sold to Jinjiang International in May 2015.


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GSM Students, students of Graduate School of Economics and Department of Economics.


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Professor Yoshinori HARA
Senior Lecturer Satoshi SHIMADA

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