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Feb 24, 2016

2016.04.03-04 NTU Management Review 2016 Management Theory and Practice Conference

【Brief Overview】
Given the fact that the Asia Pacific region has been the growth engine of global economy for the past few years, it is crucial for both scholars and practitioners to explore, analyze, and interpret the development of management practices in this region. The 2016 Management Theory and Practice Conference, initiated by NTU Management Review, an academic journal published by the College of Management of National Taiwan University, aims to provide an academic forum for exchanging management research ideas and outputs in the Asia Pacific area. Scholars and practitioners from all parts of the world are welcome to attend the conference.
The 2016 Management Theory and Practice Conference focuses on management from an Asia Pacific perspective, aiming to gain new insights into different fields of management such as accounting, finance, organizational behavior, human resources, marketing, information management, e-commerce, productions and operations management, and corporate strategy. Research papers that can bring new visions and insights into management theories and practices are invited. Case studies that depict and interpret management practices are especially encouraged.

Language: English

April 3-4, 2016, 8:30-12:40

【Eligible Person】
Students, Faculty Members of GSM, Kyoto University

Main Hall at the Clock Tower Hall, Kyoto University

【Leading Person】
Professor Yoshihiro Tokuga
Professor Naoki Wakabayashi

【Admission Fee】

Each participant should register at the on-site registration corner of the conference from 3 to 4, April and pay 250 USD per person. On-site registration will be available during the conference time. We only accept cash for on-site registration payment. We do not accept traveler’s check as well. The registration fee for the conference is US$250, including the cost of the banquet dinner.

Tokuga (tokuga[@]econ.kyoto-u.ac.jp)
Wakabayashi (wakabayashi.naoki.7u[@]kyoto-u.ac.jp)