Brain Healthcare Business Ecosystem Adjunct Associate ProfessorTaiko OTSUKA

【Specialized Fields】
Corporate strategy, Management consulting, New business creation
15+years of experience in providing strategic, organizational and operational advice to telecom, media-entertainment, trading house and high-technology companies. Additional expertise in digital innovation, digital transformation journey. In addition, prior to current experience, six years of new business creation collaborating with high-technology companies by using design thinking methodology. B.A. in Law, Kyoto University
PwC Thought Leadership The Potential for AI Applications in Japanese Companies - Where are the Keys to Success? (2018)
Nikkei Good Tech: "Solving Social Issues x Corporate Growth" Learning from Best practices of "Sustainable Management" Today (2021)
For at least five years now, we have been consulting with many companies about starting new businesses that utilize biometric data. However, only a few businesses have launched as a business and are making a solid profit. Complex issues involving technology, laws, UI/UX, etc. As the population ages, how to effectively utilize data on the brain is extremely important from the perspective of well-being and business viability. This issue is a theme that I would like to discuss with you all to benefit society.