SOCIETE GENERALE Endowed Lecture Adjunct ProfessorKoji SHIMAMOTO

【Specialized Fields】
Banking and Finance, Strategic Management, International Management
Investment Bank: Basic to Business Practices
1990-2000 Industrial Bank of Japan, 2000-2011 BNP Paribas Securities Japan, 2011-2022 Societe General Securities Japan (after 2017 President and Representative director). Experienced research for macro economy and financial markets for more than 20 years.
JGB markets perspective” Advisory Councils on Government Debt Management in MOF (June-2019), “Japanese Economy and government bond markets” Cabinet Office (October-2010) etc.
SDGs and Carbon Neural are getting important and changing role of financial markets in the world. It should be meaningful opportunity for students to study basic theory and business practice of global investment banking businesses such as bonds, equities and derivatives from each management staffs.