International Mega Infrastructure Management Policy Chair (Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.) Associate Professor Yoichi HAMATSU

【Specialized Fields】
International Infrastructure Development (Project Management, Water Resources Management)
Worked as a consultant in the sector of Transportation planning and Business planning / Development since 2011 to present at Yachiyo Engineering.
2008-2010 Japan Overseas Cooperation volunteer (Project Management)
2003-2008 TOKAI KOGYO CO.,LTD.
2003 M. Eng. from Kochi University of Technology
Preparation of the Implementation Plan for Smart City utilizing ICT in Republic of Colombia (co-author), 2022
Research and examination for Promoting the Overseas Development of Infrastructure Systems (co-author), 2019
The change in the environment means a change in values. From population increase to global environmental issues, new values for conservation/preservation were created, as well as bringing to light new social issues. What is required now is to face these combined issues and proactively create new ways in addressing them, which is a difficult task yet a worthy challenge. We wish to march forward to sincerely face them.