Executive education Adjunct ProfessorKashiwa SATO

【Specialized Fields】
Design, Art, Creative Direction
Kashiwa attended and graduated Tama Art University with a degree in graphic design. After working for some time at Hakuhodo Inc., he established SAMURAI in 2000. He is one of Japan’s leading creators, earning much praise for his thorough and powerfully creative works. As a comprehensive “total producer” for brand strategies, he deals with all aspects of a project, from building concepts and developing visuals and spatial design to directing communication strategies. Some of his major projects include the logomark design for The National Art Center, Tokyo, the creative direction of brands like Uniqlo, Rakuten Group, and Seven-Eleven Japan, and the “total production” of the Cup Noodles Museum and Fuji Kindergarten.
“Kashiwa Sato’s Ultimate Method for Reaching the Essentials” (Published by Nihon Keizai Shimbun)
“How To Find the Perspective That Will Change the World” (Published by Shueisha)
“KASHIWA SATO” (Exhibition at The National Art Center, Tokyo in 2021)
As a creative director who has worked on countless company branding projects, I have noticed a dire need among businesses to secure creative talent.
It has always been my longstanding goal to address the question of how to awaken the kind of creativity that will find solutions to difficult situations in which the answer, and sometimes even the problems, are hard to find.
Though the activity for GMS-KU, I hope to discover a ray of hope in midst of those turbulent times.