Art, Communication Design and Organizational Management Associate ProfessorRengyo

Service and Hospitality Program

【Specialized Fields】
Art, Drama, Communication Design, Active Learning
Graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Economics and received a Master's Degree from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Management. Part-time lecturer at Doshisha University, specially appointed lecturer at Osaka University, and Researcher at Kyoto University, before current position.
Rengyo, Arato, H., Kamiya Y., Suenaga, E., Hori, K., Aki, Y., Taniguchi, T. (2021) Quantitative Evaluation of the Social Value of Theatrical Workshops in Environmental Education: Reductions in Energy Consumption Following the Workshop “Kudan no Sengen (Proclamation of the Aforementioned), International Conference Version”, Journal of energy and environmental education, 15(1).
I have been a professional theater director for almost 30 years. The knowledge of drama is extremely useful and has been utilized worldwide since ancient times. Although it has a minor position in Japan, I expect that the knowledge of art, including drama, will attract more attention in the present VUCA age. Through research and practice in this course, we will reinstall drama in society.