Integrated Hospitality (Green House) Endowed Chairs Adjunct Associate ProfessorKoji TAKABAYASHI

【Specialized Fields】
Consulting in hotel investment and development
Hospitality Consulting
- Currently serving as managing director at Horwath HTL – Japan, followed by positions at PWC Consulting and Mitsubishi Corporation.
- Visiting lecturer at MBA program at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo (current).
- BS in law and MBA, Hitotsubashi University
- MMH, School of Hotel Administration, Cornel University
- Importance of hotel asset management in Japan, Kanko Kenkyu, Sept/2009
- Practice in Hotel Management Contract, Sogo Unicom, Aug/2016
- Practice in Hotel Condominium Development, Sogo Unicom, Mar/2020
All MBA students are welcome to take my course as I would like you to provide opportunities for you not only to learn basic market-research-based consulting methodology in hotel investment and development field, but also to grow your passion and interest in hospitality/travel in general.