Business Administration Chairs ProfessorHiroyuki MATSUI

Business Leadership Program

【Specialized Fields】
Planning Theory, Decision Making Support, Gaming Simulation
Information Systems and Operations Management, Statistics, and others.
Graduated from the Yokohama City University Department of Humanities and Sciences, withdrew from Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Science and Engineering after completing required credits for the doctor's course. PhD (Engineering). Assistant for Tokyo Institute of Technology Faculty of Engineering, Lecturer at Aichi Gakuin University School of Policy Studies, then Associate Professor at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Economics.
Artificial Market Experiments with the U-Mart System, (Springer Series on Agent Based Social Systems Vol.4);(joint authorship), Springer Japan KK 2008; "System Analysis and Design: Ways of Conception", Measurements and Control, Vol.46, No.4, 2007, pp.292-297
Theory and knowledge are not always the answer to solve social problems. However, it is also impossible to understand, analyze and solve problems without having theory and knowledge. Acquiring basic theory and knowledge is a shortcut to obtain problem-solving ability.
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