Center for Research in Business Administration Adjunct ProfessorSatoshi IWAO

【Specialized Fields】
Hospital Management Health Care Management
Home health care, Epidemiology, Gerontology
Graduated from Nagoya University , School of Medicine.Received a Ph.D. in Medicine from Nagoya University.
Received a MBA from Chukyo University.Via a professor at Nagoya University Graduate School of Economics, professor at Fujita-health University Medical faculty and professor etc., and currently remains in the present post.
Differences in the relationship between lipid CHD risk factors and body composition in Caucasians and Japanese. International Journal of Obesity. First author, etc.
By training managers and social entrepreneurs in healthcare, I would like to realize the CBMC(Community Based Medicine and Care) Healthcare Innovation IWAO model that can support elderly people, people with disabilities, children with high medical dependence, and so on throughout the city.