Center for Research in Business Administration Adjunct ProfessorRobin Holt

【Specialized Fields】
Strategy and Organization, Ethics and Aesthetics, Entrepreneurial Activity, Craft-Based Production
BA (Hons) in Economics from the Victoria University of Manchester, UK and his PhD (Government) from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
Judgment and Strategy (Oxford University Press, 2018)
Strategy is the presenting of an organization to itself and others. These representations combine intuitions and observations with the associative and gathering force of imagination to create a sense of persisting organizational form. As such, strategy can be understood an aesthetic experience of apprehending a desirable organization. Yet being aesthetic it exists without an explicit purpose (an organization has no general conditioning point, there are many organizational forms). As such strategy is the struggle to realize a sense of harmony. Yet without a goal such a form always exceeds our understanding of it, making strategy an endless activity of self-presenting in which the strange and unsettling can take their place alongside the familiar and harmonious.