Philosophical Entrepreneurship Studies Adjunct ProfessorMitsuyo YAMAMOTO

【Specialized Fields】
General Management, Leadership, Corporate Strategy and Business Strategy, Corporate Succession and Change Management
Business Design
Hold a BA in Theology from Doshisha University, and an MBA from Ross School of Business and an MS from School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan, in the US. Provided business consulting services to clients, and developed new businesses at a venture support consulting firm. Then, joined JOHNAN Corporation, and has became its President & CEO in 2010. A Managing Director of Kyoto Shisaku Net.
“A Proposal for Strategic Execution Organization” to Ross Controls in the US (2006)
I have studied the theories of corporate management, and actually have managed some corporations for approximately 20 years. Challenged by many opportunities and threats, you can learn a lot in the course of changing companies and fostering them to become an entity necessary for a society. “Effectuation” is the key ability in the current and future age, for the next business leaders. I am looking forward to learning together the ability through this course.