Management Accounting Endowment Research Center (JMA) Adjunct ProfessorShusai NAGAI

【Specialized Fields】
Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Management Accounting, Management Control, Banking
After working at the Industrial Bank of Japan, at Mizuho Holdings as an Executive Director, and at Risona Holdings as a Director Chairman of Audit Committee, joined the Japan Platform as a Chairperson of Board of Directors. Also served at the Graduate School of Management, Ritsumeikan University, and at the Graduate School of Business Administration, Toyo Gakuen University.
"Corporate Governance Survey Report", Japan Corporate Governance Research Institute, 2004-2016.
My practical experiences at banks and private equity funds, and my academic knowledge of corporate finance and accounting made me aware of the pivotal importance of training competent management accounting professionals for revitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises. Let’s study and try it together!