Management Accounting Endowment Research Center (JMA) Adjunct ProfessorTakehiko NAGUMO

【Specialized Fields】
Strategic Management, Management Control, Management Accounting, Data Management
Served as an Executive Officer at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and MUFG Bank. Currently, a Senior Managing Executive Officer at Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.
Data Management as New Management Core Competency. Aoyama Accounting Review 7: 34-40, 2017.
Study of the Integrative Architecture between Strategic Management and Risk Management. Journal of the Institute of Internal Auditors-Japan 41 (3): 56-65, 2015.
A Conceptual Framework for Management Control System Architecture Design: Based on the Lessons Learned from the Balanced Scorecard Experience at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. The Journal of Cost Accounting Research 38 (2): 1-14, 2014. etc.
Based on my practical business experiences on strategic management, management control, etc. both in the US and Japan, I will focus on how to apply academic knowledge into real practice. In particular, I will discuss how to evolve various exiting management tools and methodologies and design a management framework for the next generation.