Endowed Chairs ProfessorTetsuo FUJITA

【Specialized Fields】
Strategic Management of Information Technology, Innovation
Information and Society
Graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law and the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Law and Politics. Worked for Japan Research Institute and served as a Visiting Fellow at Stanford University, before current position at Kyoto University.
"New stage of digital transformation and required environment improvement", JRI Review Vol.9, No.70, 2019, "Challenges of service innovation in the digital age-Consideration from service dominant logic", JRI Review Vol.8, No.47, 2017
Recent advances in digital transformation have significantly changed social and economic systems. Nowadays it is difficult for any industry to do business without knowing information technology. And we need to learn practically about corporate management that properly connects IT and business. Let us discuss these issues together through various case studies at home and abroad.