Collaborative Research Chair for Securities Investment Adjunct ProfessorYasuyuki KATO

【Specialized Fields】
Financial Engineering, Investment Theory
Master Degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ph.D from Kyoto University, Global head of Quantitative Research and a Board Member of Nomua(until 2010), a professor of Kyoto University since 2010, currently a visiting professor of Kyoto University, a professor of Kyoto University of Advanced Science, an adjunct professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University, a Board Member of Government Pension Investment Fund, a Senior Adviser of Money Design.
"Investment Methodologies in the Aging Society" (2015)
"A Study on ESG Investments" (2018)
"The Emergence of ETFs in Asia-Pacific" (2019)
The fast developing globalization and information technology bring about not only an efficient society, but also new risk factors. Under this environment, corporations and investors need advanced risk management. Financial engineering is a theory dealing with risk management. We would like to contribute to society with research of cutting-edge risk management.
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