Collaborative Research Chair for Asian Business Leader Development Teaching ProfessionalEmi TOHYAMA

【Specialized Fields】
Asian Studies, Linguistics, International Cooperation
Education: Bachelor of Language and Culture, Osaka University, Osaka (2013), Master of Linguistics, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (2016), Ph.D. of Language and Culture, Osaka University, Osaka (2019)
Career History: Research Associate for ABL course (Apr. 2019 – Present)
1. Tohyama Emi (2019) The role of phonologization of sprout sounds in the formation processes of southern Vietnamese: Learning from the example of Quang Nam dialects. The 159th Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan
2. Tohyama Emi (2019) Diachronic and Synchronic Research on the Phonology and Phonetics in Quang Nam Dialects of Vietnamese, Ph. D. thesis, Osaka university
3. Tohyama Emi (2018) A Reconstruction of Proto Quang Nam Rhymes, International Conference: Linguistic Issues in Vietnam and Southeast Asia
4. Tohyama Emi (2018) Phonological features in Quangnam dialects - Hoian city and Dictionarium Annamiticum Lusitanum et Latinum - Tim hieu net dac trung ve mat ngu am cua tho ngu Quang Nam tai Hoi An va tim hieu dau vet cua no trong cuon Tu dien Viet-Bo-La, International Conference of Vietnamese Chu Quoc Ngu
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