Chen YAO

International Business Administration Program (i-BA) : M1 2019-2021

The Reason Why You Chose GSM

Chen YAO

I chose GSM because it offers me what I’ve expected to learn since college. My major was financial engineering at college and I also took exams of ACCA in order to know more about accounting. After years of learning, I really want to find a place where I can combine knowledge of finance with accounting to analyze the strategy and management of a business or industry, that is, business management and administration. Obviously, I was very lucky that I finally found my wonderland, GSM.

What is the attractiveness of GSM?

GSM is a place where you need to apply what you’ve learned rather than just learn and take exams. We have kinds of simulation such as introducing a product and having negotiation with three parties. Professors here not just teach theoretical knowledge, but tell us how to use the knowledge in real business life. Classes are more like a business meeting and we share knowledge, ideas and experience to complete a task that might arise in our future career.

The Visions of Your Future

After taking courses of business management at Kyoto University, I really want to apply what I’ve learned in my future career. I found that consulting may be a good choice for me as consulting requires ability to analyze management issues like strategy. Besides, new value creation which I ‘ve learned at business negotiation course really matters, not just in negotiation, but also in other aspects of business. It would be a good tactic for your work as some win-win ideas come from new value rather than solving present problems.

Your Recommended Subjects

Business Negotiation

Schedule of Your Day

8:45 class starts
12 am lunch time
1 pm individual study or group discussion
5 pm go home

Message for Applicants

English is necessary for graduate study, so it is strongly recommended to get a high score of TOFEL. Besides, basic knowledge for management is also needed and taking GMAT exam may be a good choice to improve your ability. Finally, find your interests and stay creative as GSM is a place full of great ideas and creation. Wish you good luck.