Keiko Nishimoto

Class of 2017, Service Value Creation Program

Professional meeting planner

You will find various students and stakeholders at GSM-KU, like myself. I had been working as a meeting planner for 15 years, and realized that the management of international meetings became more complex and dynamic, therefore I decided to study again in business school. Two years of experience broaden my mind, and I could find my precious friends and mentors at GSM-KU.

If you will be in IPROMAC(international class), I would strongly recommend to expand your network with students in Japanese class as well, because it will be your lifetime asset. I always enjoyed discuss with my classmates from different age and background, to know different perspectives each other. I was elected as an EXCO of International Congress and Convention Association during my first year in GSM-KU, and became to realize that diversity is the key in such international professional community.

I would strongly recommend GSM-KU as one of the stages in your career, and hope you will enjoy it.