Hiroyasu Koma

Business Creation and Revitalization Program (Currently: Business Leadership Program)

Graduated in : March 2011

When I was 31 years old, I had decided to take an examination from this graduate school. The company which started a new business in my college was successfully launched, and the company results have been admitted by business circles. But as the company grew, I began to feel the limit of my ability as a proprietor. I thought I will be able to benefit and further progress my business by obtaining valued experience from focusing on both practical business affairs and hands-on learning. I determined that I should remain free from distractions so entered this graduate school while handing over the reins to my company to an entrusted foundation member. I enthusiastically attended each class which led to the successful creation of a firm with one of my classmates. I also managed to acquire knowledge and practical skills in various key areas of business.

The two year course became an invaluable part of my life experiences that have enabled me to build everlasting relationships with my classmates and teachers alike. Many of my classmates became successful in the global world of business after graduation, and I now feel that this is the only graduate school that provides an environment where students are encouraged to carry out independent learning. A GLM corporation was also the venture which started my new business during my time on the course, and I successfully oversaw the mass production start-up of an electric car company for our first domestic venture. I develop my platform business to support to produce cars from various areas such as machine parts, materials and information technology, using the technological capabilities now.Previous feelings that I may lack certain skills have been left behind as I think I have learnt here how to successfully meet challenges after the completion of my two years at this graduate school.