Chaw Chaw Kay Khaing

International Project Management Program (i-PM) : M2 2019-2020

The Reason Why You Chose GSM

Chaw Chaw Kay Khaing

Before I came to Japan, I was working as an electronics research, design, and development engineer in Singapore. As I was working on new product development and existing product projects in my previous company, it brought out my interest in becoming a project manager. So, I searched for further study programs that would be helpful for my career path, and I found GSM. The unique thing about GSM is that it offers an MBA program that specializes in international project management. It gave me a chance to upskill myself by combining my previous hard-skills and the industry knowledge with new soft-skills that I learned through management courses. And most of the courses in GSM are taught by people who have professional experience; for example, Mizuho securities affiliated professors, project management professionals from JBIC, and entrepreneurs, and it provides us a great insight into Japanese business as well.

What is the attractiveness of GSM?

GSM provides not only academic knowledge but also real-life application of that knowledge in our lives. It is also a great place where students can learn more about Japanese culture as well as many other cultures due to the great diversity of people from different continents. As both lecturers and students come from diverse professional backgrounds, the discussions are always compelling, and we could learn from each other’s points of view.

The Visions of Your Future

As I had mentioned before, I had always wanted to go through the path of a project manager career. However, being in GSM made me realize that there are more possibilities I could explore in the future. For example, I could even try to start my own business using the knowledge I gained from the Global Social Entrepreneurship class. In the early years of my career, I would like to focus on project management/operational management at companies, and maybe ten years from now, I would like to start my own business.

Your Recommended Subjects

Cross-Cultural Management (William Baber)
As the world is getting more globalized nowadays, we need to understand other cultures to collaborate well with people from different cultures. In this subject, we learn how to communicate and work effectively with people from different cultures through role-plays, for instance, acting as cross-cultural solutions companies and also have discussions about cross-cultural research and behavioral studies.

Schedule of Your Day

08:45 – 18:00 Classes, lunch and discussion time
18:00 – 21:00 Hang out with friends for studies and other activities, evening walk and dinner
21:00 – 24:00 Relaxing time at home, browse on the internet for news, updates, and opportunities
24:00 – 08:00 Sleeping time

Message for Applicants

Chaw Chaw Kay Khaing

GSM is a very diverse community with people who have different goals in life. Even if you have not decided on which direction of life you want to move forward yet, you will be inspired by others with passion and a creative mindset. So, try to express your opinions clearly, participate in discussions actively, and learn from others. It will give you an idea of ways to improve yourself and have an explicit objective and vision and how to work in that direction. The essence of being able to enjoy the beauty of Kyoto while learning would be an additional bonus point of joining GSM.