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Dec 16, 2016

GSM Alumni Association

●Greeting form the Chairperson
 Mitsuru Omori (October 22, 2016)

Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016, producing about 680 quality graduates with professional skills since its foundation. Graduates are playing active parts both in Japan and worldwide in various fields.

We are going to enhance the unity of alumni and establish the strong network between students and alumni. Through an alumni association, updating homepage, support for students and alumni, and planning events, we hope to boost the charm of Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University.


●Greeting from the Dean, Graduate School of Management
 Dean Yasunaga WAKABAYASHI (October 22, 2016)

Congratulations on holding the general meeting of the Alumni Association of the Graduate School of Management. On behalf of the Graduate School of Management (= GSM), Kyoto University, I would like to make a few remarks.

The GSM has started as a Graduate School for M. B. A. (Master’s Program) since 10 years ago, 2006. This year is the 11th anniversary. We have launched more than 680 graduates into the world by 9 times. The success by the graduates is the result, the treasure or the social responsibility of us, the GSM. Therefore, we really expect the development of this GSM Alumni Association. First of all, this alumni association should belong to the graduates and it should be managed by yourselves and should be the opportunity of expanding your success. Then, we hope you to progress the alumni projects for the students of the GSM. For example, please support the students of the GSM by a contribution for a scholarship, an enrichment with facilities, an acceptance for interns, a guest speaker for a class. Lastly, the meaning of this GSM Alumni Association is very important to the GSM which connects research and practical business, and encourages the cooperation with industry, government, schools. Accordingly, we are going to work together on the operation of the alumni association. This time, we have recommended three faculties as the directors and we are also going to support its practical work for the time being.

We are really glad to meet the graduates again. I would like to conclude by wishing for the development of the GSM Alumni Association, Kyoto University.


●Latest News from the General Meeting 
  (This is currently being prepared.) 


Regulations (PDF file)



 Academic Year 2016 (The 1st General Meeting Material, October 22, 2016)

Chairperson Mitsuru OHMORI (the 3rd graduate)
Deputy Chairperson Tomohiro OTA (the 7th graduate)
Directors(Faculty) Yasunaga WAKABAYASHI (Dean), Hirotaka KAWANO, Chihiro SUEMATSU
Directors (Graduates)

Hirohito TSUKIDA (the 1st graduate), Mie YAMAZAKI (the 2nd graduate), Mitsuru OHMORI (the 3rd graduate / concurrent), Minami SHINYA (the 4th graduate), Ken MORIMOTO (the 5th graduate), Kosuke KURIHARA (the 6th graduate), Yoichi OTA (the 7th graduate), Takahiro OHASHI (the 8th graduate), Kazu HORIUCHI (IPROMAC)


Hirohito TSUKIDA(the 1st graduate / concurrent)


●Announcement for Admission
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