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Jul 28, 2017

2017.10~ GSM to Start Sachiko Kuno Foundation Endowed Lecture Course on “Global Social Entrepreneurship: theme Climate Change” from this Fall Semester

We will launch a unique, promising course on “Global Social Entrepreneurship: theme Climate Change” from this fall semester. This course is supported by Sachiko Kuno Foundation, a famous foundation regarding social entrepreneurship in the US.

This course aims to offer a space to personally related to the global issues and stimulate one’s creativity and proactivity to address them. More specifically, the participants would deepen the understanding about how the climate change would affect their lives and future, and develop business ideas to contribute to the mitigation or adaptation of the climate change.
Besides Adjunct Professor Sachiko Kuno, who was listed as the only Japanese on the Forbes List of Top 50 America’s Self- Made Women 2015, this course will also invite social entrepreneurs and climate experts to share their knowledge and experience to stimulate the participants.

Student attendance is welcomed and encouraged.

【Class Schedule】

Monday, 13:00~14:30 (Japanese)

Monday, 14:45~16:15 (English) for IPROMAC students

*Please check the syllabus for more detailed information

*Students cannot enroll in both the Japanese and English course.

*Several times during the semester, the 13:00~14:30 slot lecture will be held in English. In those cases, the latter slot will be cancelled and all enrolled students will have to attend the former time slot.

 【Leading Person】
Professor Sachiko KUNO
Professor Yoshinori HARA
Associate  Professor Akiko MURAI

Global Social Entrepreneurship – theme Climate Change –