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Feb 5, 2018

2018.1.20 Wrap up meeting of IPROMAC/POM WorkshopⅡ

 The International Project Management Course (IPROMAC) and The Project · Operations Management Program (POM) held wrap up meeting of Workshop II (WS II) on January 20, 2018 Saturday at the large seminar class room of Graduate School of Management (GSM).
 On the day, 18 IPROMAC students in the morning and 12 POM students in the afternoon made presentations on the results of surveys, research and business model building etc. conducted in the essential subject WS II of the second year. The content of the presentation was very diverse and interesting. And all presentations were high-level. An active question was made for each presentation.
 At the party in the evening, the Best Presentation Award and the Excellent Presentation Award were given to following students;
 Best IPROMAC;Ms.Harahap  POM;Mr. Kamo
 Excellent IPROMAC;Ms. Saada, Ms. Paola、Ms. Yao
        POM;Ms. Iwasaki, Ms. Handayani

20180120 IPROMAC POM
◆Photo Presentation and Party